David Paull
Co-Founder & CEO

Beach-comber, City Slicker, Cocktail Sipper, Foodie, Movie Buff, Wine Lover
About This Project

Classic New York pizza, the view from the Burj Kalifa, and watching Mission Impossible (1, 2, 3, 4…). That about sums him up.


David Paull likes to turn convention on its head. Case in point: Dialsmith, the industry leader in dial test technology. David took dial technology, originally used in politics, focus groups, and mock trials, and enhanced it for new applications: Super Bowl ads, TV pilots, X Games, TED Talks, and more.


David provides consulting, technologies, and professional services for strategic messaging, market research, and audience engagement. Clients in 45 countries rely on his team’s capabilities to tap into the voice of their customers.


David has helped clients such as Fox News and CNN, Food Network, Univision, MTV, VH1, NBC, ABC, Google/Nest, Facebook, Amazon, and many more. TED Conference used Dialsmith to measure the engagement from TED Talks. Television production companies and studios rely on the dials for in-person and online TV pilot testing. Major research firms such as Nielsen and many others also rely on Dialsmith’s capabilities for their media research. The two largest local television affiliate groups (covering every major market in the US) work with Dialsmith to test their TV content. Universities such as NYU, MIT, Stanford, UVA, and many others work with Dialsmith on academic research studies ranging from advertising to social science to relationship therapy and much more.


David grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and moved to Portland, Oregon, after graduating from Temple University. David’s wife, Amanda, is a senior marketer and his two kids keep life fun and busy. “Hawaii is a favorite beachy destination,” says David, ranking up there with venturing to a new city for some exploring. “Heading back to Tokyo with our kids is next on the list.” David also loves coffee to wake up, whiskey to wind down, photography, writing, and scoring a cool pair of Nikes in which he’ll walk a long way for a perfect New York bagel or slice of pizza.