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Dial Testing Focus Groups

There is no better way to get clear and unfiltered answers to the critical questions of what and why than through dial testing groups. Dial testing is the ideal tool for capturing instant quantitative feedback while mitigating groupthink and recall bias. Our approach allows us to view results in real-time and leverage those results to drive richer and more focused follow-up discussions.

Online Dial Testing Surveys

Through our in-house technical group, Dialsmith, we execute online dial testing, allowing us to evaluate various forms of recorded media and content while reaching larger, more geographically diverse segments. We also combine dial testing with other forms of online research, including surveys, virtual focus groups, and communities, to ensure we meet your specific research objectives.

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDIs) are our forte. They offer an opportunity to determine the boundaries of effective vs. ineffective messaging. By understanding the psychology that underlies people’s behavior, we uncover the why behind how they react. It’s that all-important why that gets to the heart of what will most deeply resonate with your audience.

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